Our reconciliation service automates the process of transaction level reconciliation. We provide a level of accuracy that ensures the third-party payers are compensating you correctly.

DataRx provides claims reconciliation service addressing the challenges faced in pharmacies today with a total program for reconciling and accounting of insurance reimbursements. This ensures that third-party payment matches the claims processed during adjudication down to the claim level. We strike the perfect balance between cost effectiveness and rich functionality.

Reconciliation service benefits

  • Completely automated
  • Identifies partially paid and unpaid claims
  • Provides Third Party A/R Aging Report
  • Delivers exception-based reporting
  • Provides reporting for funds disbursement
  • Identifies lost/missing checks
  • User friendly
  • Turn-key solution with exceptional training
  • 24/7/365 support

Our reconciliation service streamlines operations and maximizes third-party reimbursements by allowing you to focus on your core business drivers without being concerned with the time-consuming backend processes.

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