Switching Services

Connect your business to the technology resources you need. DataRx Management provides a total end-to-end solution that gives independent pharmacists the necessary tools to improve their efficiency, profitability and accuracy.

As a leading provider of pharmacy technology services, DataRx offers the highest quality of claims switching services at very competitive rates. Our state-of the-art technology is fast, secure and smart.

Fast: Our high-speed technology allows transmission via high-speed Internet switching and dial-up phone modem, accommodating the needs of various software vendors. Plus, increased speed means improved efficiency and accelerated cash flow.

Secure: DataRx Switching Services are hosted at two independent, geographically isolated data centers, providing our partners with unmatched reliability and security.

Smart: Beyond basic claims adjudication, DataRx Switching Services provides users with a smart network. Our network allows you to maximize reimbursement, make clinical and administrative edits as well as provide enhanced patient protection through patient safety and process efficiency messaging.

If you have any questions regarding our DataRx Switching Services, please feel free to contact us at our toll free number, 888-714-4422 or by email at sales@data-rx.com. One of our friendly sales staff will be ready to help you with any question you may have.