Do you have interest in creating your own Pharmacy Benefits Company? DataRx can help!

DataRx provides a turn-key solution that enables our partners to become a private labeled PBM. Simply decide what you'd like DataRx to do for you. The RxSense products and services that you may choose to access include:

  • Plan performance assessment – drug spend analysis that identifies each employers savings opportunities.
  • Benefit plan design and management expertise
  • Automated enrollment & eligibility
  • On-line coordination of benefits
  • Proprietary, electronic claims adjudication software
  • Drug utilization review
  • Customized formulary management
  • Pharmacy network management
  • Transparent rebate administration
  • Specialty pharmacy delivery
  • Health & wellness portal
  • Employer/plan specific web portal
  • Reporting – flexible, customized, real-time

The above DataRx products and services enable you to deliver:

  1. Pharmacy Benefits Management to
    1. Self Insured Employers – Managed Care with Savings Guarantees
    2. Fully Insured Employers – Limited Benefit Plans – “Generic Only”
  2. Pharmacy Loyalty Cards – For Single Store Use
  3. Pharmacy Discount Cards – For use Across our Network of Pharmacies
    1. Additional Pharmacy Savings Option – Delivery of Manufacturer Rebates to Patients
  4. Health Discounts – Added on to the Discount Card or Stand Alone
    1. Provides Discounts on
      1. Telemedicine
      2. Diagnostic Procedures
      3. Dental
      4. Hearing
      5. Vision
  5. Lifestyle Discounts – Added on to the Discount Card or Stand Alone
    1. Provides Discounts on
      1. Roadside Assistance
      2. Legal Assistance
      3. Identity Theft
      4. Pet Insurance
  6. Federally Qualified Health Clinic or Disproportionate Share Hospital 340b Drug Management
  7. Hospice Pharmacy Benefits Management
  8. Skilled Nursing Facilities Drug Management – Tools that eliminate the issues of managing Med A and Med D Claims
  9. Medical Expense Reduction for Self Insured Employers – Negotiated Discounted rates for all out of network claims

Please contact us for more information.